Crack of Thunder

I lay in bed, refusing to wake up.  I enjoy this quiet morning, even with the toddler kicking me in the back.  Eyes closed, I see a quick flash of light.

Am I hallucinating?  The world bright for a moment, then suddenly dark.  The flash does not happen again.  Is this the beginnings of a brain tumor?  After that quarter-second, the world is back to normal.  Quiet, dark, toddler in the back, nothing has changed.  Or has it?  Am I cracking up?

I hear a distant crack, a rumble of thunder.  Everything is, once again, right with the world.



2 thoughts on “Crack of Thunder

  1. Beautiful crack from which we can gaze at the life of motherhood in the morning. Wonderful weaving of 99 words to create the scene and mood. Thanks for contributing to the prompt! I’ll be posting a compilation later today and will include this.


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