Darkening the Page

moolit mermaid night sky pictures, backgrounds and images

Hesitating, she walks on to the blank page. She stands on the page and looks down at the black keyboard, which contrasts with the white page.  She studies the keyboard, the tool she will use to darken the page. What words will she use to make this page shine, to reflect on her, to share with others?

The page itself fills up like a well.  Drop by drop, word by word, the page is darker.  Far from full, the page gathers words instead of dust.

The page is a new one.  It is an empty well, waiting to be filled. The blank page absorbs light, absorbs feeling, absorbs activity. It is thirsty for words, for feeling, for now.  She pours darkness onto the page to reflect her light.  The darkness becomes the light of the page, radiating, warming, glowing.

How will she darken the page?


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