A Romantic Evening

Cecilia looked outside nervously, waiting.  Her stomach grumbled.  Her short-sleeved blue gown was already beginning to feel uncomfortable.  As an afterthought, she grabbed the white lace shawl her mother had knitted to protect against the chilly spring air.

It was already dark when Jack picked her up in his father’s new 1965 Chevrolet.  She watched him out the window as he fingered something in his left trouser pocket.  He fidgeted nervously with his corsage before ringing the doorbell.  

Cecilia took a deep breath as her father answered the door.  They were speaking in hushed tones.  She was just putting on her gloves as her mother called up to her.  Cecilia walked downstairs, careful not to trip over her blue gown.  As she caught herself, she looked around to see if anybody had noticed.  

“I thought this night would never come,” she said as her father snapped pictures.

“It has all gone too fast for me,” he said, “but I hope tonight lasts forever.”

Cecilia smiled.  She knew that time would march on with its steady drumbeat, but she didn’t realize the symphony was just beginning.


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