The Moor

I have found a new flash fiction challenge at Flash! Friday.  This is a 150 word flash piece, that you must post on Friday (when the prompt is revealed.  This prompt is a little more mystical, and seems to require more fantasy.  That is a challenge for me, but I like a good challenge.  Here is the prompt and my post:

St Kilda, Scotland. CC photo by Neil Wilkie.

Stella meandered through the pea-soup fog. It felt as if she had been hiking for days. As she crested the hill, Stella spotted the ancient stone hut. Her only hope was that the fog would conceal her. She quickened her pace as the fog lifted. The winter sun would soon shed its light on the world.

The structure became clearer as she approached. It appeared to be an ancient shepherd’s den. A thick blanket of moss covered its roof. Shrieks and wails emerged from the stone structure, and she wondered what battle was raging. Stella took a deep breath and touched the pearl-inlaid handle of her dagger.

A tired-looking woman wearing a nondescript cotton dress stepped out, cradling a baby. “Stella, you’re finally here,” she yelled over the child’s wails. As the woman handed over her charge, Stella envied the fog for its ability to disappear so quickly.


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