Space Station Surprise

I struggled with this week’s Carrot Ranch prompt, which is to incorporate food into your short story.  I had been planning how to have a character baking in 99 words when my son asked, “why do some people put a flag on the moon?”  My thoughts drifted to the food they ate on the space shuttle, and how different things must be. My story is supposed to take place on the International Space Station, although I honestly don’t know if they have a kitchen where this is possible.  It could just as easily take place in a foreign country, or anywhere far from home.


Mary maneuvered to the computer. She wondered what was wrong.

“Shouldn’t you be in school?” she scolded. Was he growing, or was it an illusion from Skype? She wouldn’t know until she returned in six months.

“Mom, it’s Saturday!” her son yelled. “And do you know what else?”

Her husband appeared with a beautifully decorated cake.

Her colleague brought out a cake with forty-one LED candles on top. Mary’s family and co-workers started singing together.

Mary’s eyes filled with tears. She had been so busy working in this foreign world, she had forgotten it was her birthday.


2 thoughts on “Space Station Surprise

  1. Great touch, adding LED candles! I think in every frontier people try to achieve normalcy. I remember back in 6th grade our teacher had us create a newscast from a space station. He taught many lessons through that activity and he let us come up with what “life would be like” without ever telling us we were right or wrong. He was one of my favorite teachers, so imaginative and fun. As writers we do the same, we try to imagine what would a birthday be like for someone at a space station, away from home and family and familiar activities.

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