Beach Vacation

I am taking a class called Write Your Life Story, more to explore the life of my characters than my own life.  This assignment turned out well (I think) so I wanted to share it.  I have been practicing flash fiction so much that it is easier for me to write complete stories in flash than to write sections of a longer story.  One day I will pull together these flashes from Cecilia’s life.

The wind ruffles Johnny’s hair as Kate’s pink dress billows behind her. The kids squint into the wind and sun, shadowed by the sign for Seaside standing above their heads. Johnny is holding a sucker—he always had to have something in his mouth! Kate is already barefoot, ready to run to the cold water as soon as the moment is over. Kate had gotten so much sand in her dress from hunting for shells, Cecilia had filled half a pail with the Oregon sand.

Cecilia had met his parents there that day. While the kids ran at the beach, she spoke quietly with Jack and Shirley about arrangements. That evening at dusk, they sailed in the couple’s motorboat to scatter his ashes into the Pacific Ocean. Jack had restrained Shirley from jumping in after them. Cecilia had not understand Shirley’s grief, would not understand it until a year later. She still wanted to jump into the Ocean after the two boys who had left her with a shell of a life.


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