I Ran

1896 Olympic marathon. Public domain photo by Burton Holmes.

The bombs thundered in the distance while I ran. There was nothing to run to, only the dreadful reality that I ran from. Fighting against the wind, I ran alone, too frightened of the now to be afraid of the future. My family dead, I ran alone, unable to absorb the loss. My possessions incinerated, I ran alone, the only baggage I carried was in my heart.

My road joined another road, another runner. He ran alone, fighting the wind. He ran alone, frightened by the now. He ran alone, overwhelmed by grief. He ran alone, carrying no bags.

We ran together. Together, we fought the wind. Together, we began to brave the now. Together, the numbness eased. Together, we could subsist without possessions.

A third joined us. With three, we could encourage each other. With three, we could brave our pain. With three, we found that the lack of baggage made us free.

We ran alone, together.

This was another Flash! Friday post.  The image prompt is the picture above, and the post had to include war.  As you can see, I was playing with parallel structure.  What do you think: does it work, or is it too much?



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