Out of the Rut

This week’s Carrot Ranch Prompt is to get out of a rut.  As I thought about different ruts this week, I settled on hiking paths, a place in nature specifically for people, well traveled enough to be outside of nature itself.

Speaking of ruts, I have gotten into a rut myself of not writing.  Flash fiction allows me to open up and write more, to make myself sit down and get back into a habit.

A deer run approaches the hiking trail. The sign reads “Do Not Stray Off the Path.” Always the rule-follower, Hannah turns onto the natural highway.

The ground is soft, grass bends beneath her feet. She has entered a dim world that smells of earth and evergreen trees. Mushrooms and wildflowers speak peace as dense trees mute hikers’ conversations. Her body settles against a rotting log that gives to her weight. Her lungs expand as she breathes in the forest. The long chore list forgotten, she takes in the pleasure of nature that is carefully cultivated out of modern life.


4 thoughts on “Out of the Rut

  1. Beautiful flash that reminds us how powerful natural places can be despite our paths and rules regarding such places. The sense of wonder and peacefulness comes through and you come up with interesting details–“the rotting log that gives to her weight.” I’m glad that flash can help bump you out of a rut of non-writing. There was a time in my life when I was much busier and only wrote 100 words a week (for a flash fiction writing group). It was a life-line for me! Thank you for writing with us!


    1. Thank you! I really enjoy your weekly flash challenges and a chance to explore with words. I got some good writing in today. You see it condensed into 99 words, but there was much more. 🙂


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