Flash Friday is having its Flashversary this week, and there is quite a prompt.

Red Sunset. CC2.0 photo by Petteri Sulonen.

I didn’t have time to write on Friday, so I was happy to read today that it was extended to 48 hours this week!  I submitted my post just before the deadline.  I’m not entirely happy with this, but I had to keep it in 150 words.  Chelsea, as you know, is a daydreamer and struggles in school.  This story is hers.

Her dreams were the only place Chelsea felt safe anymore.

In her dreams, letters stayed where they were written.  In her dreams, it didn’t rain.  In her dreams, her stepfather moved to Seattle.

In her dreams lived Dragon, ever changing.  Sometimes he camouflaged himself to his surroundings, other times he was chartreuse in a beige world.

Dragon gave her confidence.  Dragon didn’t laugh when she made mistakes.  Dragon sheltered her from the rain.  Dragon chased her stepfather to Alaska.

They laughed when Chelsea talked about Dragon.  She knew it sounded impossible, yet she couldn’t not talk about her only friend.

Then one day Dragon sneezed.  A dragon’s fire spreads quickly.  Chelsea didn’t draw attention to the spark on her desk until it ignited the curtains and the ceiling.  Teachers evacuated the school as the fire spread.  The children cheered as smoke billowed and flames climbed.

Nobody laughs about Dragon anymore.


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