A Manger in the Mansion

This week’s Carrot Ranch challenge was to use two opposite ideas in a story, preferably Christmas related.  I was intrigued by the concept of a penthouse and a manger (one of the pairs suggested in the prompt.)  Since I’m not an apartment dweller, the penthouse became a large house and there really is no manger here.  Still, I hope the concept works.

I didn’t mean for them to sleep in the garage.

But honestly, I hadn’t thought they would come at all. They arrived five minutes late for Thanksgiving dinner, green bean casserole in hand.  We squeezed a space for them at the table.

Mary insisted the garage floor was just fine overnight, even though the top light wouldn’t turn on.  But we couldn’t find any other room for them.

The house awoke at midnight to Mary’s screams.  While I gathered fresh towels for the baby, Mary delivered my new nephew.

As Joe cut the cord, the workshop light came on.


4 thoughts on “A Manger in the Mansion

  1. From a dissonant pairing rose a beautiful flash! Several details in your 99 words that are so sharp–the green bean casserole in hand, the garage floor and that last line. Wow! Great writing!


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