Wine Fantasy

So after last week’s semifinalist win on Flash! Friday, I almost feel obligated to write on this week’s prompt.  It seems geared toward fantasy, so I tried writing a fantasy piece.  This is an unpracticed genre for me, so the story is more description than plot.  Here is today’s prompt:

The sun sinks into the mackled wineglass.  Soon the wine will swallow it up, and I will swallow the wine, touched by the sun’s radiance.

The crimson wine slides down my throat as I ingest the sunset.  The essence gives me strength..  Soon my power will surpass the glass, will surpass the air itself.  My wings will unfurl and I will rise, weightless, into the sky.  I will barely clear the tops of the trees as I soar, dialoguing with the bats hunting their dinner.  I will warn them, advise them to steer clear the far off trees.  As they watch, the trees shimmer.  A veil of birds rises from them, followed by my mate.  I call to him, shrieking across the sky, a glass-shattering squeal heard for miles.  The gryphon glides my way, meets me, delicately gripping a wineglass in his talon.


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