Howard the Holiday Bear

This may be my last writing prompt for a few days.  We’ll see.  Writing helps me avoid cleaning up for Christmas.  Speaking of which, I found a new prompt, Indies Unlimited, which has a story start and a picture for the prompt.  You are supposed to write a story without posting the prompt.  Here’s mine:

Tinsel making was a dangerous job.  The implements were sharp, and pieces of tinsel were constantly flying around the room.  They blocked Howard’s view of the precise work and occasionally flew into an eye or up a nose.  After work, he spent an hour picking tinsel out of his fur.  It was a hard job, but Howard enjoyed the work.  After some time in the tinsel shop, Howard had won awards for his precise work.  But it was getting harder and harder to stay awake while working.  His work deteriorated, and one day he was sent home after cutting off an elf’s finger.  He was told to take a nap and come back refreshed.

When he woke up, a pile of mail on the floor lay by his mail slot.  There were cards from his closest friends, along with a letter stating he had been fired for absenteeism.  And an eviction notice.  He looked outside, and the snow had melted.

Howard packed up his meager belongings and went home to Idaho, disappointed that he had missed Christmas.  When a freak snowstorm came in July, he put on a Santa hat and decorated a tree (sans tinsel, of course).  He looked out his window to admire the scene just as Santa was driving his sled down Main street.  He ran outside to meet his old boss and ask why he was in Idaho that time of year.

“Haven’t you ever heard of Christmas in July?” Santa asked.


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