One more rare gem

I promised a story with a rare gem as its prompt, and so I have one.  This is, again, from the Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction prompt for December 17.  The challenge is:

December 17, 2014 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about rare gems. It can be treasure, rough or twinkling, an object, place or person. Go on an adventure, let you imagination fly and kick perfectionism to the curb. You are in pursuit of something greater!

I find it difficult not to strive for perfection when I am editing down to 99 words.  I take out some words here, sentences there, and my piece is transformed into something much greater than the original.

Bucket and shovel in hand, my boots carry me two miles to the beach. The sky is still dark; stars are fading, and the water reflects pink. “Pink in the morning, sailor take warning,” is not only a saying, and I know a storm is brewing.

The wind blusters as I squat down. I return the first to the ground; the second is good. I pick my last as the tide reaches my boots. I walk home against the wind, the Eastern sky fully pink now. As I open the front door, the torrent arrives.

“Mom, clams again?


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