Paying Attention

Chelsea could see that her teacher was getting frustrated.

Mrs. White took a deep breath and very slowly enunciated the same thing she had said before: “you need to organize your backpack so that you can find your homework.”

Chelsea knew she needed to organize her backpack. And not daydream as much. And pay attention in class.

She just didn’t know how.

How to keep her mind focused so her thoughts didn’t drown out the teacher’s lecture.

How to put papers in order so that she would remember where they were and find them again.

How to coordinate her movement enough to put her material into her backpack without it getting wadded up, when her brain had already moved on to the next task.

Could somebody show her? Clearly it was easy; nobody else seemed to have problems with this. Nobody else frustrated Mrs. White quite like she did.

Would somebody just show her how?

I have had a very ADD day. Not in terms of distraction (at least, I don’t think I was more distracted today than most days) but I spent a lot of time thinking about the budget for our local CHADD chapter. And helping friends on Facebook with ADHD-related challenges. So I needed to bring Chelsea out again.



2 thoughts on “Paying Attention

  1. I’m sorry that Chelsea is having so much trouble being organised. It can be difficult and is a skill that must be learned. When I was teaching year one I made a chart showing the children how to organise their tidy trays so that they could find what they were looking for. I used photographs of each step, showing what to put in first, and so on, until all their items were arranged. Needless to say some children were able to keep their belongings more organised than others, but each week or two I would give them a few minutes to straighten up their belongings again. As well as teaching them the strategy it also saved a lot of class time that had previously been wasted searching for items in untidy desks. 🙂


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