Just Jot January strikes again

I’m about to wrap up and go upstairs to my reading, and I remember I committed to writing something every day this month. So …


Marietta picks up a book. Not just any book, though, this is the dictionary. She reads it daily, grasping the language word by word. English befuddles her. How can one word, like “to”, have so many different spellings and meanings?

Where she comes from, language is concrete. It does not flow with metaphors or adjectives. A thing is what it is, and that’s final. As Marietta muddles through the dictionary, she marvels at how important color can be, how it matters whether noise is crescendoing, forte or piano. She wonders that people discuss the nuances of the weather, when to her, rain is just rain. The descriptors in English open her eyes to the world, and the light is blinding. When she can no longer see, it is time to close the dictionary for the day.


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