Tossing Baby

Carrie tosses the baby underhand. “Here, catch,” she says.

At the moment of release, he puts out his arms, catches the sleeping child and cradles her.

“You monster,” he says. She sits down and opens her book.

The child lies still in his arms. He glares at Carrie before he takes the still-sleeping child to her cradle.

It is only when he gets to the cradle and sees his daughter that he realizes Carrie had thrown him a doll.

I haven’t been writing in here for Just Jot January for the last few days, but I have been writing. Just not fiction, no short pieces that I could share. My fingers have been itching, but it has been hard to get any quality computer time when I’m not working.



3 thoughts on “Tossing Baby

      1. Thank goodness they are safe! 🙂 I understand what you mean about throwing them at your husband, but using the literal translation made for an interesting story. 🙂

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