Guessing Game

Somehow I have forgotten about Just Jot January or Stream of Consciousness Saturday. My attention has been pulled from writing to other tasks. Writing fiction is a diversion I cannot always afford.

I usually find that 99-word fiction encompasses a moment, a glimpse of time. The brevity does not allow for elaborate reflection, plot, or character development. Thus, I often resort to the same characters. If you have visited often, you are familiar with Cecilia and Chelsea. Their characters and stories are developing over time.

Charli Mills offered me a challenge. Well, she posted it to her whole flash fiction community, but she mentioned my comment that flash fiction is a moment. So this week’s challenge is:

January 14, 2015 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a life span. It can a life of a personย  as if flashing by or the life of a honey bee. What key elements would show a lifetime in brevity? Does it add to a characterโ€™s development or create tension? What is the emotion or is it void?

I greatly enjoy her challenges, but this one stumped me for a minute. I decided to write about something not-human. So my challenge for you is: what is this thing I am writing about?

The six-legged alien emerges in the warm viscous sea.

Bumped by rugged orbs much larger than itself, it seeks a home. It chooses a host and drills in. The new-found dwelling attacks. A fierce battle. The alien emerges victorious; the host is now its captive.

The universe sneezes. The alien, with its host, is thrown into the cold, thin air. It begins to die in this alien space, before it suddenly enters a new universe, hospitable as the old.

Still inside its host, the alien divides and evicts its children.

The six-legged aliens emerge into the warm viscous sea.


13 thoughts on “Guessing Game

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you recognized it as a virus. My education in biology didn’t go past high school, so it’s a relief to know that I still know enough (with some research) to portray it to others!

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