Have some Coffee and a Cinnamon Roll

I’ve been letting time slip by without writing anything. When I struggled last night to remember Cecilia’s name, I realized it has been far too long since I wrote anything. I’ve started doing posts on my personal blog on a Weekend Coffee Share theme. These posts are by Part Time Monster, and there is a linky of others people’s coffee shares. Reading through other people’s coffee shares has become something I look forward to during the week. Since I haven’t checked in with Cecilia for a long time, I am having her write a coffee share post. I hope you enjoy it!

Welcome to my house. Pull up a chair. My percolator is going, if you like coffee. I tend to drink herbal tea. I find I can’t handle the caffeine anymore and I love the variety. I have a whole shelf in a cupboard just dedicated to tea. But you don’t want to hear about my tea addiction anyway.

We are sitting in the kitchen because we are friends. If I wanted to impress, we would be in the formal sitting room–that’s the room I never was allowed in as a child. Even now, years and years later, I feel like I’m breaking the rules when I sneak in there with a book just to read for a while.

Oh, don’t let me forget, have a cinnamon roll. Or would you prefer a scone? Yes, I made them myself. I love to bake. The cinnamon rolls were baked fresh this morning, but I pulled the scones out of the freezer. Friends sometimes tell me I should sell my baked goods, but I don’t want to have to comply with food safety regulations. They’re so strict about everything. You think my kitchen would pass muster? Well, thank you, but I still need to sit on it for a while.

My week was pretty uneventful. I worked a little bit on my scrapbook of Johnny. Working on that always takes a lot out of me, I miss him so much. Even though he would be grown and have his own family by now, to me he is still that nine-year-old boy who was taken too soon.

I went to my widow’s support group. I am making some good friends there. Sharon is young, but she has been through a lot. She reminds me of myself at that age. And Chuck is so supportive, everyone opens up to him a lot. It is good to see people in different stages of their grief.

And, of course, I babysat Chelsea, my grand-niece. We baked cookies together for her to take home, and she told me a little bit about school. She likes going to school and seeing other kids, but she says it’s boring. I think she may be a little too challenged by this common core curriculum. It is too intense for many kids, and it forces kids to master skills that they are not ready for. Chelsea has been reading since she was four, but she has such bad handwriting because she had to learn to hold a pencil before she was ready–and so she has a poor grasp on it. But don’t let me get on my Common Core soapbox.

It was lovely to chat with you around the granite island in my kitchen. Thank you so much for stopping by!


8 thoughts on “Have some Coffee and a Cinnamon Roll

  1. Glad to have you around this week!

    Sounds like an introspective sort of day, and sometimes those can be nice.

    By the by, Cecilia is also the name of my dad’s late sister—I only barely remember, as she passed away when I was a child, but everyone loved her. She was fun, with the kind of sense of humor that made her play practical jokes on lots of people–and she understood kids. I do remember that part. I always loved her name. I remember saying it over and over again when I was really small, naming a Cabbage Patch Kid after her.

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  2. Thank you for the coffee, company and cinnamon roll. I love to share fresh home made baking with friends – I should get my recipe book out next week! Cooking with children is wonderful – the fun, the laughter…even the mess! I’m glad you were able to share that time together and your grand-niece was able to open up to you about school. Have a wonderful week 🙂


  3. What a wonderful idea to write your coffee share through Cecilia. Truly inspired! It would be a neat way to keep tabs on her progress, or that of your writing of her, to have her own coffee share. Super! Super! Can you tell I like the idea?

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  4. Thanks for the coffee! I’d probably want to chat about the cinnamon roll recipe — I make my own version that is (I have been told) very good — but it’s Gluten-Free.
    I can totally understand that sense of one room being off limits. Even though it doesn’t look anything like it did when I was younger, the living room that was part of the “grown-up” rooms in the house still holds a bit of that air of restricted territory to it!


    1. Thanks for stopping by! I’d love to hear about your gluten free cinnamon roll recipe. Cecilia loves wheat products too much to give them up, but she is fascinated by all the alternatives on the market these days! Since Cecilia lives in the house she grew up in, she still attaches some of her childhood feelings to it even though she has been an adult for many years. It sounds like you have the same feelings in your house!

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