The Same Fight Every Night

Have you heard of #1000Speak? A community of bloggers have agreed to blog about Compassion on February 20 of this year. In preparation, Charli Mills over at Carrot Ranch is encouraging her Rough Writers (and friends) to write a 99-word piece of fiction about compassion. So, even though it’s not February 20 yet, here is my bit.

A sharp bark startled Jenny awake. She sat up and shook Fred’s shoulder.

“It’s your turn,” she mumbled.

“Umph,” Fred replied.

“How are you so eloquent this late at night?” Jenny heard the edge to her voice. She remembered the marriage counselor suggesting they be compassionate toward each other.

Five minutes later, the golden retriever curled up in his bed, recovering from the snowy back yard. Jenny took off her boots, peeled off her jacket, and went upstairs to sleep.

When the sun peeked in the window the next morning, a fresh cup of coffee stood on her nightstand.


8 thoughts on “The Same Fight Every Night

  1. Wonderful flash! You did a great job at subtly showing the complexities of marriage, especially at a time we can all relate to bring frustrated -in the middle of the night when responsibility calls.

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  2. Aw, that’s a beautiful story of compassion in a marriage. A relationship can grow in these little acts of compassion. And you’re so right — no one wants to take the dog(s) out at night! I’m sitting here at my computer, hoping I can sneak into the bedroom without one dog or the other deciding it’s my turn tonight!

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  3. Great flash Sarah. It reminds me a little of a true tale Charli told of her escapade taking the dogs out in the snow at night. I am thankful for two things: I don’t have a dog and I don’t have snow! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Norah. Maybe that story of Charli’s prompted the spark in my head here? I don’t have a dog (although I do have a child who climbs into bed and steals the covers every night). And we finally have snow this winter.

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