Scarf of the Ocean

The turquoise yarn glided through her fingers, slowly shaping itself into a piece of cloth under her skilled digits. She had her qualms about knitting him a turquoise scarf. He usually wore blacks and grays. Pacific colors. But despite his somber dress, he had a buoyant personality. The color of the Caribbean Atlantic would accent his somber colors with personality.

He excitedly opened the gift in its colorful packaging. Scraps of paper flew around the room. Seeing the scarf, he stopped opening. He tossed it in the pile with his other gifts, then reexamined his new box of Legos.

Today’s prompt is from Carrot Ranch:

In 99 words (no more, no less) color your story turquoise. Color evokes emotion; turquoise blue evokes trust and strength. How can you play with that idea? How can color define a character or add to a plot? Saturate your story or add a drop. Follow the vein of turquoise to see where it leads your imagination.


9 thoughts on “Scarf of the Ocean

  1. As we grow older our values shift and we come to appreciate that scarf. I actually have one my grandmother knit for me and I thought it was awful. Now it’s a beloved treasure! I like your take on the color, comparing it to the Caribbean Atlantic. That image is so vivid. Great flash!

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  2. I enjoyed this flash. I was forming an image of this serious man in my mind and then you go and end it with the Legos. Nice twist. Had me re-evaluating everything.

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