The Dissertation

My dress, red as dragon fire, arrived from the cleaners yesterday. I bought it specifically for today’s presentation. The dress glides over my head and shapes my body perfectly, but displays a blue stain down the front.

My too-small backup black suit constricts me like a straitjacket and I cannot lift my arms. The tightness causes me to drop my bagel, cream cheese first, on my lap during breakfast. I hurriedly change into jeans.

Traffic is snarled on Upper 40. There is an accident ahead, and I would get to the presentation faster by walking. Even when I see the parking lot, it takes me ten minutes to reach the highway exit.

I circle the parking lot five times before I find a parking spot, the furthest one from the lecture hall. I sprint through the rain and arrive looking like a drowned rat. Professor Smith calls me up as soon as I arrive. Breathless, I begin my lecture.

“The legend of the Organ Mountain dragons is well-known, but has never been researched. As I stand before you today, I can prove it is true.”

All those years of research, and I fail my dissertation.

Today’s flash is inspired by, but far from the topic of, this week’s Flash! Friday post.


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