Dinner Guest

Jane was taking her favorite dinner from the oven when the door opened. All she could think about was sitting down with a glass of Merlot while her husband watched the children for a while.

“Jane? I hope you don’t mind, I brought a colleague for dinner tonight.”

I don’t have the energy for this, she thought.

“Where should I hang my coat?” she heard a familiar voice say.

Jane’s heart pounded as it always did when she heard that deep voice. That voice that had whispered in her ear just the night before, whiskers scratching her cheek. Larry’s voice.

“You’ve got such a lovely house here,” Larry said. “I just hope that someday my girl and I can settle down in a place like this.”

The kids ran downstairs. “Daddy, Daddy,” they shouted.

“Don’t climb on me–Don’t climb on Mr. Jones!”

Jane laughed in spite of herself. Finally, someone else to entertain the children. With relief, she thought, At least John is introducing them to him, not me.

“I have a meeting tonight that I have to get to,” she called out to them.

And with that, she left out the back door and went to a movie.

Today’s post is from this week’s Flash Friday prompt.

Scene from the Hungarian film “Márciusi mese,” released in 1934. Public domain image.



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