Kate is Cecilia’s mostly-absent daughter, and she needed to say hello from her extensive business travels. Tonight she has a million anxieties about tomorrow. This scene was prompted by this week’s prompt at Carrot Ranch:

In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes a vice. It can be part of a character or a part of the story. The vice can be the focus or it can be subtle. Think of ways to use a vice (or multiples, if you are so daring) to create a compelling flash fiction.

Kate mentally scrolled through tomorrow’s agenda while she unpacked her suitcase. Meeting with the COO at ten would give her just enough time to review her presentation. Her blouse was wrinkled; Kate made a mental note to iron it. Her two o’clock flight would land her at home just after five, then she would battle traffic to Mom’s for dinner. Kate wasn’t ready for mom’s lavish supper served with a generous side of criticism.

Kate sat down on the bed and vowed not to worry about tomorrow’s dinner. She turned on the television and looked up a local pizza delivery.



3 thoughts on “Anxiety

  1. I’m thinking that Kate’s work schedule is another vice we often don’t speak of, especially in women and that’s workaholism. The lavish supper and generous criticism make for a difficult meal, and she escapes from it all with the tv and pizza. This is an American scene, sadly enough. Well-written.

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    1. Yes, Kate chooses work as an escape from family, and has chosen work over having a family of her own. That is one of her mother’s criticisms. I’m glad you saw that! Thank you.


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