I am trying a new prompt today: MicroBookends. This is a prompt where they supply the first and last words and a photo, and you supply the story in between. I’ve loved the concept, but hadn’t tried it before. Here is my first try:

“Wild,” said Margaret as she looked up the hole.

Margaret lived life underground as a Digger. Diggers did not know sunlight or rain. Diggers knew dirt.

Margaret had had snuck out during hide and seek. While her playmates hid, she darted from one spot to another. The walls absorbed Jack’s “allie allie oxen free” before it reached her.

Now, the brilliant blue of the April sky blinded her; the fresh air assaulted her with its unfamiliar smell.

Now, as she looked up, she knew she was not a Digger.

While still a young girl, Margaret was no longer a child.

Photo Credit: Dan Markeye via CC.

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