Girl who Got Away

Milton Manor, Sutton Wick. CC2.0 photo by John Turner.

The rowboat appeared on a gray English morning, as I dressed m’lady in the first of three dresses she would wear today. Dresses that cost more than a year’s salary. As she went down to breakfast and another day of leisure, I labored to clean her room for the third time that week. When the family retired to the library, I cleaned the breakfast nook.

That evening, as the rain pummeled down, I laundered her dresses. I packed a satchel with two dresses and a bite of bread, and escaped to the rowboat. Before they discovered my absence, I was well on my way to a new village and freedom.

If you can’t tell, I’ve been watching Downtown Abbey. Today’s Warmup Wednesday image features a manor house, with the instruction to use a song title as your title. I selected Girl who Got Away by Dido for the title.


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