The Speech

Today’s MicroBookends prompt begins with First and ends with Lady. The prompt is about Eva Perón, who was First Lady of Argentina from 1946 until she died of cancer in 1953.

Photo Credit: Beatrice Murch via CC.

First, Eva was late leaving the house.

Traffic was slow, and every stoplight was red.

Eva narrowly missed an accident when another driver ran his red light.

When she arrived at the conference, her heel broke. She stepped up to the lecturn to speak, and her mouth went dry. Still, with a cracking voice, she started to speak.
“Women are not inferior to men, and their rights should not be inferior either.” Amid boos from the crowd, she continued her speech in favor of women’s suffrage.

The whole evening, Eva was a lady.

Update (5/10): This was given an Honourable Mention in the MicroBookends Flash Fiction Contest.  The judge said:

There’s a lot (a whole lot) of telling in flash fiction. Lots of summarizing, lots of lecturing. I believe, because flash is so compact, the tendency to tell rather than show is innate within the form. It’s a struggle to show details in such limited space. And that’s why writing good flash fiction is an art.

This week there were a number of pieces that did a good job showing. This author balanced showing and telling in a logical way. This story also provided advancing conflict all the way to the final scene—something else that is hard to do in flash. Very well-written story.

I’m flattered!


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