Yummy peach! by Skyseeker. 2005. CC 2.0
Yummy peach! by Skyseeker. 2005. CC 2.0

The air was thick as Kate stepped off the airplane in Atlanta. She hadn’t contemplated her next steps until the cab driver said, “Where to, ma’am?”.

Kate hesitated. “Are there peach orchards nearby?”

The drive to the closest orchard was longer than the plane ride. After the taxi drove away, she closed her eyes and inhaled. The scent of peaches and honey. The buzz of bees and the feel of peach fuzz.

When the sun set, Kate was drowsy from peach syrup. She sat on warm grass, finally grounded. In the morning, she knew she could go home again.

This week’s Carrot Ranch Prompt was about peaches and cream. Carli’s prompt:

In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that is a snapshot of spring. I realize that some Rough Writers are riding into autumn, and I hope this isn’t a disadvantage to focus on a season we are not collectively sharing. We could think of it as “spring eternal.” Warm, renewing, new life, hope.

Let me know if you write one too!


6 thoughts on “Running

  1. I can get where you were going with that inhalation thingie…June-july we will have various fruit pick ups from orchard, and that smell is so distinguished 🙂



  2. Your flash made me think that often when we are running from something, really we are seeking a place to collect ourselves once again. The smell and feel of the peaches and the essence of the orchard is a renewal of hop for Kate.


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