A Chink in her Armor

This week’s Carrot Ranch Prompt:

In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that shows a hard place and a connection. It could be a prisoner who discovers friendship; a cedar that grows from a crack in a cliff; an abandoned dog rescued by a homeless teen. Maybe it is a reconciliation or connecting with students during a turbulent time. Is the hard place part of something larger in the scope of a character’s development? Or is it a plot twist?

Kate and Cecilia have some reconciling to do, but before they can do that, they each have to face their own pain. Cecilia’s pain comes from twenty-year-old grief, and she balls up like an armadillo whenever she has an opportunity to address it. Here, Kate is trying again to impact Cecilia in her grief.

“We are concerned, Mama,” Kate said. “You spend too much time alone. I found a widow’s support group that might help you …”

“I don’t need a support group,” Cecilia said.

“You need friends.”

“John’s been gone too long. My pain is stale.”

“Pain doesn’t go stale, Mama. It fades away, and yours hasn’t.”

Cecilia sighed dramatically. “I’m going up to bed. You know where the door is to leave.”

Before she had time to answer, she heard the stairs squeak as her mother climbed up to her bedroom.

For the first time, Kate’s arrows had pierced Mama’s armor.



10 thoughts on “A Chink in her Armor

  1. Love grief going stale as a concept Sarah; It’s been a vie of mine, since losing both parents that time doesn’t heal so much as overlay other experiences through which the grief has to fight to emerge so does so less often and with less power as time goes on. But if it finds a chink through those experiences it will roar back like a re-oxygenated flame. Great flash.

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