Devil’s Armchair

Victoria Falls. CC2.0 photo by Tee La Rosa.
Victoria Falls. CC2.0 photo by Tee La Rosa.

This week’s Flash! Friday prompt is a beautiful picture of Victoria Falls. A little Google led me to a tourist destination called Devil’s Pool in Zambia, where people can sit at the edge of the waterfall. I wonder about the people who are brave enough to do that day after day as tour guides.

Kawame hugged her husband tight. “You know I don’t like you doing this job,” she told Mubanga.

“What else can I do?” he asked. Jobs were scarce, except in the tourism industry. “With this money, we can provide the best life for our Umwana.” He rubbed Kawame’s bulging abdomen as he said it.

Kawame frowned. “I want her to have a father, whether or not we have money.”

Mubanga replayed this conversation as he steered the boat to the falls. This group of tourists giggled as though they were children, even though they looked older than his wife. “Is this really safe?” they asked him as they walked across Livingstone Island.

Mubanga led their swim to a rock. He told them about visiting the Devil’s Pool with his father when he was ten. Then, he jumped.

The current took him to the edge of Victoria Falls. He saw the tourists’ frightened faces as he ducked underwater, before climbing onto a mossy rock at the edge of the falls. The job left no room for error. Yet, Mubanga encouraged the others to jump, to sit on the rock as he ensured their safety.

The best part of this job was the hug Kawame gave him when he got home.


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