The Box

It’s too long since I’ve written in here. Summer vacation is ending, and I’m using that as a prompt to pick up writing again. I haven’t written anything since we went to New Mexico two months ago.

Today’s Flash is from Warmup Wednesday on the Flash!Friday blog.

His emerald eyes searched mine as he took the box out of his pocket. Looking for clues? A hint of my answer? He looked proud.

“How could you afford it?” I asked.

The jeweler’s box trembled in his hand. He looked down in—was it shame? I couldn’t believe Red would do anything to bring shame.

“I got a job.” His voice was almost a whisper. “They asked me if I’d run for them. Oh, Lissa, I didn’t know what was in those bags.”

I startled. “Do you mean—“ I hesitated. “I can’t accept this.”

Outside, police sirens wailed.

The Great Train Robbery; public domain screen shot from 1903 film.

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