Seen at the Scene

Good morning, today’s prompt is Scene/Seen. Were they seen at the scene? Who was seen? Did they even want to be seen? What kind of scene was it? A socialite scene? A crime scene?

Her red high-heeled shoes matched her dress, with a black purse to accent her wardrobe. Even her lipstick matched. She walked into the jewelry store. A computerized bell tinkled when she walked in. Surrounded by diamonds and jewels, she was in her element. If only she had someone to give her these jewels. She could see the other customers’ eyes on her, wondering. Clearly they were wondering why she had walked in here alone. Slightly embarrassed, she quickly turned to face the display case, peering at necklaces with feigned interest. Had he seen her walk into the store? She heard the bell tinkle again as he walked in. She looked at him, then beyond as she saw a customer stop at a store computer, pause, reach down, and then walk on.

Her eyes focused on him again, he was staring back at her. She walked over to him and he said “I missed you.” They walked over to the ring display to examine the gold and diamonds. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the customer slip out of the door, and she noticed the bell did not ring as he walked through the security gates.

Three days later, the policeman showed up at her door with a notepad. “What did you see at the scene of the crime?” he asked.

This Post is prompted by Linda Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.



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